Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ultimately, I am starting this blog because of a whim and my desire to become the next Bloggess or J.K. Rowling. Maybe even the next Jesus. Who knows?

I am here to tell you about Sexual GP, the "College" I go to, my hopes, dreams, aspirations, and minor relationships (I can't retain long-term, it's fate). My goal is to be somewhat interesting and humorous. I am not following ANY of the blogging rules that I looked up prior to starting this blog. They all seemed too constricting. I feel like my life is too narrow to start a new creative blog that nobody has thought of before. My imagination took a hike after I turned six, or something. Also, I am too poor to begin a cooking blog (they aren't kidding about Ramen every night in college), and I am also too poor to pay people to read what I write.
Basically I am a broke-ass white girl from North Dakota trying to test out her skill at blogging. I recently tried vlogging... although, that story will have to wait for a later date. Needless to say, I never even posted one video.
We are just getting to know each other, obviously. Quite frankly, I don't even know YOUR name yet. Mine is D.T. The initials stand for whatever you want them to be. Only Jesus and the Tooth Fairy know the real truth about my name. And by the way, *spoiler alert* the Tooth Fairy is my mother and is probably also yours, too.

I DO want to know you. Followers are important. And right now, as you can see, I have a miniscule amount of them. The beautiful few of you who will follow me in my early days get the honor of having my full attention, even if you hate me.

I am not out to please you with what I write, but I do like advice. I hate advice that I did not ask for, so if I bite your head off, don't take it too personally. I also take things personally (hypocritical, I know). So use gentle words with soft emotions in them.
If you discover my blog and actually read it, shoot me a comment or a message and tell me about yourself. If you are feeling brave, go ahead and critique my writing. I charge $1 for every complaint. Flattery is free.