Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Wheelchair.

My friend, Hannah, texted me yesterday that her neighbor was having a garage sale and that a wheelchair was up for sale. We both concurred that we should indeed snag that delicious find right up. We both ended up having to work for the entire evening, so we became hopeful that it would be there the next day. Whilst waiting for the 24 hours to be up, I had ventured out to think of a few reasons why we needed a wheel chair.

1. Part of a Halloween costume.

2. Throne for sitting on in my future classrooms. I'd have to make sure that the desks were far enough apart so I could wheel through the rows.

3. Too explicit.

4. Too explicit.

5. TV Chair. You can roll yourself to kitchen and then back to room without moving your butt. Would have to make all rooms handicap accessible.

6. Pick up guys; every guy wants to experiment with a hot paraplegic. (Who actually isn't a hot paraplegic.)

Hannah agreed that these were all awesome reasons, and it fueled our fire to get the wheelchair even more.

So, this morning as I was getting my beauty sleep, Hannah called me and told me that she gave her cousin money to go get the wheelchair, and that I needed to bother her cousin incessantly so that she would do it.
I started to text Brie, the cousin, and arranged for the wheelchair to be bought.

Me: Brie, go get that mother explicit wheelchair. We have big plans for it.

Brie: It's 75 dollars, and Hannah gave me $11.

And just like that my dreams were crushed. I told Brie to show some boob to waver the seller, but she said "what boob?" So, obviously that is out of the picture.

If you'd like to donate to The Wheelchair Fund, feel free to wire me some money and I'll see that it goes to our cause.